Latisse Service

LATISSE is clinically proven to gradually encourage the grow of longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes.

This once a day treatment can be self administered. Patients can expect to see longer eyelashes by 4 weeks and darker/thicker lashes within 8 weeks. For best results, patients should apply Latisse along the lash line of the upper eyelid for a minimum of two months.

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Frequently Asked Latisse Questions:

Is Lattise available over the counter?

Latisse requires a prescription. At Beauty With Bubbly, we assess each patient to make sure they are a good candidate for Latisse before prescribing.

How can I buy Latisse?

Latisse requires a prescription and can be purchased directly through Beauty With Bubbly.

Can you get Latisse from a pharmacy?

Latisse can be purchased directly through Beauty With Bubbly. We sell Latisse at a discounted price vs the cash price you would have to pay at a pharmacy.

Where do you provide Latisse?

Latisse consultations are done at our office at 281 N Waukegan Rd, Northfield, IL